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“Love is a mystery,” ASD client Randy Tauau said in response to a question asked in the ArtBeat Radio class, a group led by Rebecca Rivera offered at ART center. Randy and five other ASD clients from ART center and TAP II have been working on a radio show that will explore the subject of love in all its forms. This student-developed concept has created a setting for our clients to reflect on the desire and need that all people have to experience love in their lives. This love can be found in friendships, romantic love, love for our families, or the love we have for our favorite things.

April 15, 2010 at the Los Angeles Radio Reading Service

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2010 ABH podcasts

  • ArtBeat Radio is produced by several students from Arts & Services for Disabled in the greater Los Angeles Area. During summer 2010 students worked to create podcasts using various tools including garageband and a special microphone for ipod touch.

  • ASD student Amber claims that her first glance of co-worker Leonard was love at first sight. ”He’s my man,” she says while proudly presenting a sparkling engagement ring to her friends. Smiling to herself she exclaims, “I’m going to marry Leonard.”

    In this episode, Amber and her mother play the organ while discuss the meaning of love and marriage. ”It’s not all hugging and kissing,” Peggy explains to her daughter, “There are lots of responsibilities when you’re married. You have to cook, clean, and work.” Peggy and Amber discuss these and other aspects of marriage on Love, Life, and Organs.

  • What do you get when you cross love, superheros, and McDonalds? Adventures in LA!

    This podcast is a radio adaptation of a play performed in the summer of 2010 by the students of Arts & Services for Disabled.

  • In our last episode we brought you a radio drama of Adventures in LA. Episode 4 is a look at what went into the production of the play with an interview by the man who inspired it all: Daniel Johnston!

  • We went to Seal Beach!

ArtBeat Radio is generously funded by the Green foundation. 

For more information please contact:
Brenda Estrada or Marybeth Eroen(562)562.982.0247

Call for Collaboration!!

ArtBeat Radio is busily working on a new episode all about hopes and dreams, and we need your help! This is your chance to be a part of our podcast! Please roll tape while you fill in the blanks of these three statements:
In the future, I hope I _____________ .
In the future, I hope we ___________ .
In the future, I hope the world _____________ .

We are looking for a variety of short, honest, engaging answers that need not conform to any specific idea or theme. No answer is wrong! (Unless it is riddled with profanity or offensive language.)

Content does not need to be professional, or even thoroughly edited. We love the organic sounds that come from your phone’s Voice Memos or your computer’s webcam. We only ask that files be audio only.
Submissions can be emailed to
Thanks, and have fun!
The ArtBeat Radio Staff

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