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On March 13 and 14, burglars broke in at our ART Center in Long Beach. The thieves first broke the glass window wall and stole several iPads and MacBooks and $300 in cash. The next night they returned, shattered the glass front door, and stole our 46” television, as well as some additional tech equipment.

We are very fortunate that no one was present during the break ins and that none of our staff or students were injured or endangered.

The cost of repairing damages (twice) and replacing our stolen technology and devices is approximately $10,000. Because we were forced to cancel classes on Saturday and Monday, there will be an additional loss of approximately $2,000 in lost enrollment funding.

Cost to replace one iPad = $500
Cost to replace our 46” TV = $600
Cost to replace one MacBook laptop = $1,000

We are gratefully accepting contributions to assist us in replacing our lost equipment and revenue. We do have insurance, but it will not cover the entire cost, nor replace our lost enrollment funding.

We will be back up and running very soon. If you are able to help, we will be very, very grateful.


Other Ways to Contribute

Check with your employer

Many employers have charitable programs that match employee contributions, or participate in United Way programs. Check with your Human Resources Department.

Use the Internet

Designate "Arts & Services for Disabled, Inc." as the charity you support, and Arts & Services will receive a penny each time you search the web. The site's advertisers provide the money.

Donate your old car

The National Charity Support Foundation(NCSF) accepts cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats, commercial vehicles and aircraft. NCSF does all the necessary paperwork and provides you with the necessary DMV documentation. 100% of the proceeds from vehicle sales goes to Arts & Services.

Call toll free:

Do your Online shopping at:

This site allows you to purchase from some of the most popular retailers while donating to your favorite charity. Over 500 retailers support this site and donate anywhere from 1/2% to 16% of your purchase price to Arts & Services for Disabled, Inc.


New Computer Supplies
Zip drive
Music and art software
Adaptive equipment (touch screen)
Office Supplies
Copier that collates
Staplers, tape dispensers
White and color copy paper
Cleaning Supplies
Latex gloves (unpowdered)
Spray bottles and sponges
Kleenex and wet wipes
Paper towels
Laundry detergent and bleach
Food Items
Candy bars, cookies, crackers
Coffee, cocoa, sugar, creamer
Paper plates and napkins
Straws (bendable)
Sparklets subscription
Holiday Items
food, decorations, gifts
Musical Items
Djembek-Remo Drum, Bass Gathering Drum,
Conga drums with stands
Rhythm sticks & Jingle bands
Chinese temple blocks
Music therapy resource library
Radios/cd players and cds
Art Items
All art supplies, especially markers, poster,
watercolor and tempera paints, paint
brushes, colored pencils
Archival paper and construction paper
Film and film processing
White butcher paper
Mat cutter
Computer adaptable video camera
Chairs with arms
Music Instruments and Art Supplies

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